Lipofilling consists of extracting fat from one area of ​​the body to infiltrate it into another area, thus obtaining extra volume practically permanently.

The aesthetic medical procedure "lipofilling" can be performed for facial or body fillers, being at the facial level it is more in demand in the area of ​​Aesthetic Medicine since it is performed on the LIPS, CHEEKS, NASOGENIAN FURKLE, FILLING OF THE LOWER MANDIBULAR THIRD and FACIAL OVAL. Obtaining immediate, very long-lasting and truly harmonious results.

To carry out this treatment, the area of ​​the extraction is first anesthetized (normally the fat is usually extracted from a flank or knee) and the fat is extracted with a fine cannula since the amount to be obtained, when performing the infiltration in an area of small dimensions, it is reduced (around 20 ml).

After this step, the extracted fat is processed, cleaning it of impurities such as blood and other body fluids to leave it in a pure state, always maintaining its sterilization throughout the process, and later it is "sieved" with a specific medical material to ensure its infiltration. evenly. In this last

step, the cannula that we use is the same as in a hyaluronic acid filling procedure, so it is a very non-aggressive and painless infiltration (some discomfort that we minimize with local anesthesia).

The result is practically permanent, although an initial percentage is reabsorbed during the first months (around 30%/40%) so that 70%/80% remains for several years. The LIPOFILLING aesthetic medical procedure is usually performed in 45/50 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia.