Hair transplant consists of extracting the follicular units of 1 to 3 hairs from a healthy area of ​​the head where genetics do not influence, specifically from the nape and sides of the neck, to later graft them through a simple and painless intervention (it is local anesthesia is applied), in those unpopulated areas such as the crown, the entrances and the frontal line.

It is the perfect solution when due to genetic factors, and we have not been able to prevent hair loss.

This is a very common intervention and currently one of the most effective solutions, since the implanted hair grows normally and does not fall out again.

Hair transplantation is used in hair problems, especially when you have androgenetic alopecia, but also with other types such as scarring, fibrosing, surgical scars, burns or after applying radiotherapy, significantly improving the image, gaining hair density in both men and women.