It is the treatment intended to correct or improve the function or shape of the male genitalia. The appearance and activity of the male external genitalia are factors that have acquired special importance within the cultural and social context throughout the history of humanity, and that are related to virility and fertility.

Penis lengthening (increase phalloplasty) is a surgery that can be performed with local or spinal anesthesia and sedation, in which the ligaments of the penis are partially sectioned, releasing a segment of the penis of about 3 cm that is internalized in the pelvis, achieving an increase in the external length of the penis from 2 to 4 cm, especially when flaccid and slightly less when erect.

In the same intervention, a closure of the surgical wound is performed, which allows a more natural effect to be achieved and reduces the risk of subsequent retraction.

The same day of surgery, he is discharged home.

The postoperative period, if surgery or filler treatment has not been carried out, only requires some relative rest (do not perform physical activities that require effort, care for the surgical wound (washing with soapy water and application of Betadine) and perform extension exercises to avoid a possible retraction from the second week after the intervention.

A penis extender can be used postoperatively to consolidate the result of the intervention and as an adjunctive treatment to achieve an additional 1-2 cm in final penile length.

The thickening of the penis consists of an increase in the circumference of the penis both at rest and in erection through the same act of penis enlargement or in isolation, through different techniques, such as obtaining the patients own abdominal fat and processed using the exclusive Lipogems system to obtain ultrafiltered fat and later inject it into the penis (lipotransfer).

To carry out this procedure, the ideal is to be previously circumcised, however, said intervention can be carried out in the same act, or the possibility of carrying it out without circumcision can be considered.

As an additional procedure, filling with hyaluronic acid can be enhanced in the glans to achieve an increase in its thickness, and at the same time lengthen the ejaculation time.

The hyaluronic acid procedure is totally ambulatory, with local anesthesia, painless and with immediate reincorporation to your daily activities.

Over the years, the testicular bag or scrotum elongates, causing some discomfort in men as well as a deterioration in the aesthetic appearance, it can even cause skin infections due to rubbing against the inner side of the thighs. especially in the hottest months.

Surgery is relatively simple, does not require hospitalization, anesthesia can be combined with local and sedation. It usually lasts about an hour and you can start your normal life from the next day. Residual scars are not very apparent due to the characteristics of the scrotal skin. The result is a smaller, raised scrotal sac with a more youthful appearance.